Communal Poetry Machine at Deer Lake

Please join artist and facilitator Allison Chow at the DLG for an evening of poetry, placemaking, and community-building. By reflecting on our relationship to place, specifically here at Deer Lake Park, and investigating our somatic experience through movement, mark-making, and the transformation of found materials, Chow invites us to connect with the plurality of perspectives that make up the vibrant Deer Lake Park community and, in doing so, imagine a future shaped and invigorated by collaboration.

By using citizen-engaged, ethnographic-inspired research and various social design methodologies, Chow’s work centers collaborative healing through community engagement and storytelling. Guided by a love for imagination and the kind of truth that comes only from beauty, Chow’s work aims to spark the curiosity and compassion necessary to reenvision, relearn, and expand our models of community.

This workshop is open to all and free to attend.