Parkside Mural Fall/Winter 2023/24

Originally from the Netherlands, Renske Werner is a Vancouver-based digital and mural artist whose work is meant to evoke a delightful pause. Werner’s mission to bring joy and delight is one the artist takes seriously, and is no small feat in today’s busy world. Through her examination of the human condition and the everyday moments that unite us, Werner’s twin murals DAYBREAK/LOST IN THOUGHT invite passersby and visitors of the DLG to lose themselves, if only for a brief moment, in the joy and beauty of the ordinary.

The Deer Lake Gallery’s rotating mural program features a new mural artist each season, offering artists exposure and the opportunity to work on a larger scale. The program is supported by the United Way Community Services Recovery Fund, and is part of the Burnaby Arts Council’s ongoing efforts to reinforce the integral role of arts and culture in Burnaby.

Murals are selected through an open call followed by careful jury selection. Artists are invited to apply to our next open call in the summer of 2024.