New Parkside Mural – ‘Marine Lilies’, Anaïs Lera

On view now as part of the DLG’s rotating parkside mural program. Inspired by the gallery surrounding and peregrination around the element of water, the mural is a continuity window of the park inviting outdoor walkers to step inside the building.
Echoing the rhythmic dance of the Deer Lake’s waves, the mural acts as a conduit for meditative
introspection, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm shaped by flux and perpetual
motion. This liquid odyssey harmonizes with its environment, reflecting the intricate allure of
nature. Within the mural’s intricate visuals lies an homage to the elegance of the surrounding native
ecosystem of the park. French visual artist Anaïs Lera specializes in murals centered around the themes of nature and exploration. Utilizing her unique skills in composition and coloration, she invites viewers into otherworldly ecosystems, toeing the border between science and fiction.

Originating from the southern region of France, she spent her formative years alternating between the mountains and the coastline. Intrigued by biology from a young age, she delved into her environment using a microscope, a curious exploration that significantly influenced her artistic endeavors.

Having collaborated with esteemed organizations and events like Oxford Properties Group, Grosvenor Group, the Vancouver Mural Festival, BUMP Mural Festival, and even NASA, we are thrilled and privileged to welcome Lera to the Deer Lake Gallery.