Communal Poetry Machine

Allison Chow

October 7th - November 12th

The intention of the Communal Poetry Machine is to help create more inspiration and connections between hidden narratives within ourselves and with each other. Using shapes, sounds, movement and colours it aims to tickle our memory, imagination and senses to find new perspectives in a beautifully nuanced and pluraverse.

Allison Chow is a community engaged artist practicing in Vancouver BC. Graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design her work is about hoping together. Focusing on the interconnectivity of the human spirit, she seeks to nurture physical and mental spaces to imagine and play once more. Using tools like citizen engaged, ethnographic-inspired research and other social design methodology, her joyful curiosity is contagious. Guided by a love for imagination and the kind of truth that comes only from beauty, a through-line of her portfolio is community-driven engagements and storytelling.