Through the Surface

Martina Kocmanová + Anna Ugolkova


Martina Kocmanová and Anna Ugolkova, multidisciplinary artists originally from Prague, Czech Republic, combine objects and materials into unexpected unions that question the original properties and meanings they invoke. Viewers are invited to contemplate objects not as static things, but as complex vessels, or entities, that carry their own histories, experiences, and emotions. Just as a body is an assemblage of parts, the elements of this exhibition gather to create a single entity that can be studied through its components. Working with different media, the artists reflect associative impressions from reality, reaching the limits of the material and presenting a vision of its potential. Kocmanová’s ceramics, glass, mixed media sculpture and drawings combine with Ugolkova’s photographs, drawings, mixed media and found object sculptures to investigate the physiology of the body and the object. Time and thought in the variable geometry of the works are in intermittent motion, rotationally revealing the living memory of objects.

Martina would like to acknowledge Vancouver Glass Studio and Benjamin Kikkert for their generous assistance with this exhibit, everyone at Pilchuck Glass School and Studio Materna, home of Zuzy Vacek, and the late Daniel Materna, for their encouragement and support.