Between Blocks – Sara Faridamin & Soft Grain Books

Authors: Daren Zomerman & Sara Faridamin
Publishing: February 2023
Pages: 100
Size: A5
Limited Edition of 500
ISBN: 978-1-7388611-1-8

CAD $35.00

Flowers, trees, and shrubs are becoming luxury ornaments even in the regions where they grow naturally. The Pacific Northwest has that unique mix of rich volcanic soils and temperate climate that gardeners worldwide dream of. Neighborhoods filled with flowers bring joy, cool the local climate, and bring communities together. But they are all too often dug up, paved over, and replaced with fake grass to cut costs.
Between Blocks is a photo series documenting flowers in Vancouver’s lush West End Community on Polaroid film. Polaroids, just like flowers, are unique and imperfect in their own way.